Stefano de Angelis, co-founder and partner of deltaZERO , after 30 years as a designer, director of construction and real estate developer, offers his expertise as a partner for strategic decision and resolution of issues related to architectural construction projects and town planning.

SdA graduated in architecture at the ETH Zurich in 1989; the same year he opened his architectural office in Lugano.
In parallel to the profession, he held annual cycles of lessons in architectural technology at the Polytechnic of Milan (1991-1995).
In the 90’s the interest in urban planning and for the functioning of the institutions led him to occupy political offices in Switzerland and in Italy.
As a pioneer officer, he acquired organizational experience at the training courses of the Swiss Army and the command of different companies; in 2001 he took command of bat G 9, the battalion of Swiss-Italian Engineers. His activity included valuations for the private and the public and as an appointed expert by one of the major international banks. In 2003 he established with Maria Mazza “deltaZERO”, an interdisciplinary design group committed to the development of buildings with a high degree of integration of the technological systems and zero energy consumption. He lectured on the buildings of the next generation and on the sustainable development of the territory and towns in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Brazil and China. He is adjunct professor at the Henan Polytecnic University (CN). Currently, as a member of deltaZERO, he is active in real estate recovery, in the planning and construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, and in urban planning in Switzerland and Italy.


Through our network of designers and planners and our contacts with universities and research centers, we are able to develop solutions to complex problems in technical areas (land, building, engineering, strategic planning) with a very efficient and quick formula.

We work with trusted partners specializing in:
– civil engineering
– plant and machinery design
– electrical engineering
– home automation
– acoustics
– solar technology
– photovoltaic technology
– energy, comfort, hygiene
– ventilation
– facade design
– geothermal and deep mining
– restoration
– facility management